“Mark, why don’t you open one of these up in [New Jersey, Long Island, Connecticut, New York, Massachusetts, Lake George, etc…]? “ is a question I get all the time.

Sure, people love our food, our selection of beers, wine and liquor, our value, our historic barn, but the piece that so many seem to have a hard time identifying, but often is what keeps them coming back, is our vibe.

Our music scene has been a huge part of that vibe since 1999, when we started hosting live music every week.

For several years now, we’ve had “Pickin’ in Pawlet” on Wednesdays with a host, and anyone who’d like to get up on stage and join in the singing, picking, strumming, sawing, slapping, or whatever musical maneuver keeps you smiling. We’ve had as many as 18 on stage!!

On Fridays, we feature National and sometimes International touring bands playing usually some form of Roots Americana, and have featured some truly brilliant songwriters.

But the vibe doesn’t just come from the entertainment. Our whole crew works to foster a feeling of welcomeness and camaraderie that just can’t be manufactured.

Come on in. Enjoy the vibe, and please share some of your own!