When you enter The Barn, in many ways, you step back in time. Originally a working dairy barn built around 1880, the building has been completely transformed, while maintaining its historical integrity. Roughly 14 cows used to be milked in what is now the tavern, and you can see how the posts are worn smooth from them rubbing their necks on them. Upstairs, hay was piled most of the way to the roof on both sides, while horses and implements were under the loft in what is now part of the kitchen.

Sometime after WWII, Route 30 was put in around the front of the restaurant, cutting off the pasture down to Flower Brook. The Barn sat mostly empty until the late sixties, when Dot Kaveny, with a double-dose of dreams and guts, bought the building with the idea of making it a restaurant. She did so, and it opened as The Barn Steakhouse August 4th, 1972.

The Barn was popular right away, and with time and four successive owners, has continued to grow in popularity. Owners since St. Patrick’s Day, 1998, Mark and Margaret McChesney are proud of this restaurant, and the changes that have brought it to the 21st century. Sustainability is important to them. Hot water comes from solar panels on the roof. Landfill contributions have been reduced by nearly 70% through a robust recycling program, and using all leftover foods to feed local chickens and pigs! Heat pumps have replaced traditional air conditioners throughout, and have reduced summertime electricity use by half.

There’s a feel about this place that wraps around you. Weathered, broken-in, storied. Whether fireside during the chilly months, or taking in the view down the Mettowee Valley in the warm ones, we’ll make sure we’ve got a spot for you.